Kayak Learning Center in now a Speedboard Dealer

Speedboard USA is a premium SUP brand, delivering performance oriented boards to competitive and casual paddlers alike. Speedboard SUP's are a great addition to the goal of Kayak Learning Center to encourage and support efforts of paddling athletes.

Speedboard USA is a stand-up paddle (SUP) board company designing and building innovative boards for the performance paddler. Each Speedboard is specifically designed to promote paddling efficiency, enabling elite racers, avid paddlers and SUP enthusiasts to move through the water faster, with less effort.

Enjoying Paddleboards at KLC

Rent a Board

Rent a Stand Up Paddleboard from our fleet and try it out in our beautiful ocean  location.  With  protected bay access our beach offers a chance to learn to SUP in light waves without venturing into open ocean.

Learn Techniques

We offer all levels of instruction from basic techniques to fitness paddling.  Reserve a private lesson or sign up for one of our PaddleFit classes.

Launch Your Yoga

Combine two of the fastest growing fitness trends - Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboards.  SUP yoga invites new ways to focus on mindfulness, the gentle waves offer a dynamic change to static mats. With our short summers why not take your yoga practice outside?

Buy Your Own

With your own board you can travel to all the great SUP locations in New England and beyond.

We are happy to answer all your SUP questions, stop by or give us a call.